"Tell me I forget,
      Show me I remember
            Involve me I understand" - Carl Orff

Adults learn best when they are motivated, and when learning is easy. This fact has been borne out over time and in numerous studies. Well, that’s all fine and good in theory, but how do you train when you run multiple shifts, or multiple locations, or you don’t have a training staff? We have a solution. We want you to think of TV II as your training department. Several of our clients have done just that for more than 10 years, and we've been able to help them organize and develop entire training libraries and curricula on topics ranging from safety and HR to product specific sales and software training.

We’ll help you design and implement effective online learning programs that can be delivered when it’s convenient for your staff members to be trained. It’s called asynchronous learning and it means you’ll have maximum scheduling flexibility. Plus, when ready to be updated, e-Learning modules can be posted once and updated for your entire organization.

At TV II, we have e-Learning experts with more than 80 years of combined experience in providing training programs that work. We combine education and entertainment to provide solutions, called “edutainment.” Edutainment makes learning fun; and a motivated learner who enjoys learning will learn more and do more with what they have learned.

We can even provide consultation to help you choose a Learning Management Systems (LMS) to help you keep track of who has completed what programs and how they fared on the quizzes.

Want simulations? No problem. Want content that is easy to maintain and update? So do we. We design our programs that way. Want training that can be stored on your Web site or Intranet? We can do that. Don’t have a Web site or Intranet? Not a problem, we can create one for you or we’ll host your information until you're ready to roll out your own.
Want to use new technologies like Podcasts? We do too. We provide training materials in this format as well.